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Raising Capital in Sacramento

Firms can raise the financial capital they need to pay for such projects in four main ways:

(1) from early-stage investors

(2) by reinvesting profits

(3) by borrowing through banks or bonds

(4) by selling stock

When owners of a business choose sources of financial capital, they also choose how to pay for them.

New companies, particularly startups that are developing brand-new products, often don’t have customers or revenues when they start. These startups need money for product development, and to support the company’s operations until revenues (sales) pay the bills.

But how do you raise capital if you don't have revenue to show investors?

There is no set funding path for entrepreneurial startups. The path depends on two factors:

  • What the startup needs (funding requirements)

  • Potential return on investment

This is where Evolution Accelerator can help you and your business! We help you with the due diligence investors are looking for so that when the time comes for you to pitch your business, you are fully prepared by a company investors trust.

portfolio benefits

Our goals:


  • Raise entrepreneur IQ around investing
  • Connect entrepreneurs with critical resources
  • Introduce qualified investors to great companies


Many small businesses, and service businesses never need outside funding since they are able to generate revenue right away. Other startups need significant funding to develop a product and to grow fast—to dominate a market.


We help startups at all stages!

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